#25: The Girl Who Chased the Moon by Sarah Addison Allen

This is a classic beach read.

I started it at bedtime, realized it was a quick read and stayed up to finish.  I think it took me about two hours.  I would have loved to be on a lounge chair by a lake instead of yelling at myself to go to sleep because I had to work in the morning.

17 year old Emily arrives in Mullaby, North Carolina after her mom dies.  She moves in with her grandfather.  She didn’t know she had a grandfather.  She didn’t know Mullaby was a place.  She was used to Boston and her intense mother and causes and clubs and conformity.

Now she lives with an grandfather that’s over 8 feet tall, there are ghost lights in her backyard and people hate her because of her mother.  A mother who suddenly has a past that doesn’t fit with anything Emily knew about her.

30-something Julia has returned to Mullaby as well.  When her father died she came back for a quick trip to arrange everything only to discover that her father was deeply in debt.  She decides to stay for two years and two years only to turn his restaurant around, sell it for a profit and get the hell out.  There are too many memories here and she does not want to be pulled back in.

Realizing that Emily is lost in this new world and has to live down her mother’s reputation, she takes her under her wing.  Julia went to school with Emily’s mother and chooses her words carefully.  She is shocked that Emily knows nothing and offers her no explanation when the well-off Coffey family snubs her.  The Coffeys run the town and Emily can almost feel the anger pouring off of them.

As Emily slowly learns more about her mother’s life and her connection to the Coffey clan, Julie starts coming to terms with her own high school years.  Each story spills out, and while nothing was too shocking or surprising, I did enjoy the book.

A little bit of magic, a lot of romance and a bit of mystery.

Side note:  I’m sure any fan of Twilight will froth and scream over one happening in the book and I did shake my head a bit and wonder if Addison did it on purpose to lure in the rabid teenage girl crowd.

Again, a perfect beach read.  This book isn’t going to change any lives, but it was fun.


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