#24: I Know I Am, But What Are You? by Samantha Bee

Here’s what I learned from this book:

  • All Canadian girls are sluts.
  • Do not swear, even if a bear might be about to eat you.
  • Barbie sex parties are exhausting, especially when Wonder Woman is involved.
  • Get your cats fixed.  Especially the males.
  • No matter how smart you are, a cute guy will make you do stupid things.

Samantha Bee is a fantastic writer and if you like her on The Daily Show, you’ll like this book.  I never thought of her as a writer even though she must write on The Daily Show, and I was happily surprised when I started reading.

The book is a memoir of her life from little girl to married mom and adds to my theory that anyone who had a sane childhood doesn’t get to grow up to become famous.

Bee’s life was insane.  Her parents were divorced and she went back and forth between the two.  At her mom’s she learns about sex when her mom tosses her a book describing in great detail every sex act imaginable.  At her dad and stepmom’s, green beans are eaten and little girls do not know about the things a man and a woman do when The Love Each Other Very Much.

Bee describes herself as an odd child and I can almost see a mini version of herself dealing with these two realities, and then exploding into the insanity that is puberty and teenage rebellion.  She turns to a life of crime, and yet makes it home by curfew.  It’s too crazy not to be true.

I laughed out loud at several parts and actually had to put the book down at one point to catch my breath.  Each page wasn’t crazy funny, but every once in a while one of her stories hit me just right.

I’ll never watch her Daily Show reports the same way.  Mostly because I now know that she’s a Canadian slut.


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