#26: Linnet by Sally Watson

Sally Watson is on a quest to have her books brought out from the dust and back into the hands of young readers.  Check out her website to learn more and be sure to read her bio.  She’s badass.

Fourteen year old Linnet decides she’s had enough of her boring, upper-class life so she sets off to London to find family she’s never met so she can be presented to Queen Elizabeth herself.

Clearly it’s not a well thought out plan.

She doesn’t get far before her heels blister and she meets Sir Colin Collyngewood who ever so graciously offers her a ride the rest of the way to London.  As he calmly present her with the facts of her ill-planned adventure, she is forced to admit she is in need of aid.

Unfortunately she doesn’t listen to him when he tells her he’s a liar and a rogue.  She find herself in an Oliver Twist den of pickpockets and beggars while “Sir Colin”  decides best how to use  her.

There are plots to overthrow the Queen after all, and she could come in useful there, or perhaps he could hold her for ransom.  In the meantime, she’s forced to live with the filthy poor and lower herself to breathe the same air.

Linnet is an interesting character.  For most of the book I found myself rolling my eyes at how unbelievably stupid she was and yet I still liked her.  I kept wondering why she hadn’t had her throat slit by the end of the first chapter, but of course Watson had much better plans for her.  Linnet’s transition is slow, but it happens.  You know it’s going to happen, but it’s still satisfying.  Watson carefully creates a running monologue for Linnet as she is suddenly thrust into a world she knows nothing about.  Although she’s always thought she’s made her own decisions, she realizes her entire life has been based on the small reality of her upper-class existence.

Watson’s books can be a challenge to find at the library, but I recommend hunting for them or buying a copy.  I hope her girls make their way back into bookshelves.  Anyone who is a fan of Anne of Green Gables would enjoy this.


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