#27: Red Glove (Curse Workers #2) by Holly Black

Oh how I adore Holly Black.  She lives in Amherst and I’ve met her a few times at book signings and around town and she is as cool as you’d imagine.

Red Glove picks up where White Cat ends.  And I really wish I had re-read White Cat before picking this up.  However, and here’s where I love love love Holly Black, she does a masterful job dropping in important information without re-telling the story she already wrote.  And it’s not untalented “Hey reader!  Here’s everything you need to know!” the character said bullshit.  Black is too awesome for that, and she respects her readers way too much to waste our time.

Have I mentioned I love her?

OK… so how to talk about this book without giving away any White Cat spoilers?  It’s not easy.  You’re going to need to read these in order.

Cassel is back at school, his ties to the Mob are tightening into knots, the Feds are right behind him, he can’t have what he loves the most, and he still doesn’t know everything about his past.

Yeah, this is impossible to write about without wrecking White Cat.

Just read them both.  Mystery, magic, crime, love, political rights, sex, family dynamics… it’s all here.

And it is awesome.


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