#2: The Bedwetter: Stories of Courage, Redemption, and Pee by Sarah Silverman

Certain books need to be heard.  This is one of them.  Sarah Silverman reading her own book makes it so much better.  The funnier parts are funnier because she knows how the sentences are supposed to sound, where to put the beats and the stresses, and how to pitch her voice to structure the horror or glee.  The serious parts are stronger because you’re comparing them to the time she told her nana to shove those brownies up her ass.  How can you NOT want to get the audio version?

Even better, she tailors parts to address the listener.  I love that she goes off script for her own book to acknowledge that you’re listening to it.  Sure, you might miss a few pictures, but you get to hear first hand how she stabbed Al Franken in the skull with a pencil.

She is completely honest about her life and doesn’t gloss over the ugly bits.  She gets very personal and it feels like you’re hanging out with her as she shares a bunch of stories about growing up and then moving to New York and getting into the business.

She doesn’t take herself seriously when it doesn’t matter, but is incredibly on target in the moments where she needs to be.  She came to realize a long time ago that what she has been able to do is a gift and she recognizes it all the time.

The back stories of things that didn’t go so well were really interesting.  I had seen both of her MTV moments where it looked like she was trying to make Paris Hilton and Britney Spears cry.  She came off looking like a total bitch (even though, hey… Paris Hilton) but the reality is that she was sort of set up.  I like when you get the other side of a media story and realize that you totally fed into the machine and were willing to believe what the entertainment news people told you to believe.

I laughed out loud a lot while reading this.  The kind of laughter where you think maybe you should pull over because it can’t be safe to be driving a car while shrieking and crying.

If you like her even a little bit, I recommend this and if you have the choice, get the audio version.  You know you want to hear her actual voice explain the difference between pee and pee-pee.


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