#8: Seriously…I’m Kidding by Ellen DeGeneres

This is another book that I had to get in audio.  Why wouldn’t I have Ellen read me her own book?

Like any memoir from someone famous, if you don’t like her, you won’t like her book.  But if you’re a fan of her show and her comedy you won’t be disappointed.

There are chapters where she wanders about in her traditional stream of conscious observations.  I love when she spins off into tangents and random thoughts that are barely connected to the original point and then winds up far away from where she started, only to circle back and start again.

From watching her standup, reading interviews and watching her show, it is clear that Ellen is truly a kind person.  This book isn’t a gossipy tell all.  That’s not who she is.  She talks about being on American Idol and I was curious to hear what she’d say.  The media was not shy about how much they didn’t like her as a judge.  She explains how it wasn’t the right fit for her and that the entire process was a learning experience that she is grateful for.  I’m astounded that she has so much grace about a moment where people were so hostile.  For her, it came down to not wanting to judge people.  She quickly realizes that it wasn’t a great idea to become a judge when you don’t like to judge people and jokes about not being able to realize that ahead of time.  She wants people to love music and when a performance wasn’t great (or was flat out terrible), she couldn’t bring herself to say it.  What did come out of her American Idol experience was a record label.  She loves music and artists and her audience so much that she decided to create her own record label to bring new artists to new audiences.  She could have pretended the entire thing didn’t happen, but instead she pulled out what she loved about the show and made it her own.

The book is a good mix of her observations about the world that would easily make for a good stand up special as well as information about her life, her show, and her marriage.  It isn’t a tell-all where she gets in deep to her daily activities, but she does share information about what it’s like to be her.

And it’s awesome to hear.


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