#3: This is a Book by Demetri Martin

This Is A BookDo you like Demetri Martin?

If yes, then you will like this book.

If no, then you will not like this book.  Why did you pick it up?  Did you want to confirm that you don’t like him?  Maybe roll your eyes and judge him?  Or were you giving him one more chance to decide that you really don’t like him and it’s nothing personal?

I could end the review here, but I’ll add some of my thoughts.

I like Demetri Martin and enjoyed reading this because I read it in his voice, especially the one liners or quick set up jokes.

This Is A Book is a mix of his awesome drawings, observations and thoughts, short stories, letters to the reader, first person narratives and really just about any genre you can think off in the non-fiction sector.

It’s delightful.

If you have a short attention span or aren’t in love with what you’re currently reading, don’t worry because there’s only a few more pages before you get to the next part.

Essentially this review is “If you like Demetri Martin you’ll like his book.”

Not my best write up, but it is accurate.

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